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Pep creations, an artistic and passion driven, 3-D animation and visual effect studio with a production office in India, the USA, and the UK. Pep Creation is specialized in developing content, state of the art visual imagery for a full length feature animated films, short-form media, hybrid films, visual effects for live action and special venue attraction. Pep Creations has the talent & infrastructure to create and execute projects of any scale and complexity. By outsourcing your animation and VFX to Pep creations would not only save your operation cost but also enable to leverage the best talent in the industry, thereby give your firm an important competitive advantage through top-notch and world-class animation.


As compared to any other form of animation, the steps involved in the 3D animation process is very complex and can prove to be highly complicated. The number of steps that makes up the 3D animation process is extensive. But nonetheless, the number of steps may vary according to the project requirements. Some of the key steps in the 3D animation process are outlined as under.

Concepts and Storyboards

This is the first and foremost step in the 3D animation process. In this step, ideas are conceptualized and storyboards are created with the objective to convert the ideas into visuals.

3D Modeling

Once the concepts and storyboards are done and following approval from the client, the next step is to develop characters, props and environment. This step is known as 3D modeling wherein a simple shape is taken and molded into a finished 3D mesh.


Following the creation of a 3D model, textures, colours and designs are overlaid using 2D images. This is the process through which colour is added to a model and it is created through the use of programs such as Photoshop. Sometimes, 3D animators are known to use real pictures to render the textures that they are attempting to create.

Rigging and Skinning

Prior to commencing the process of animating the character, the step that precedes it would involve enabling the character to walk and talk. This particular step is referred to as rigging and skinning and forms the crux on the basis of which characters are made to move and thus adding life to it.


The process that adds movement to a 3D object is what defines this step. Different types of animation are available which would include; key-frame animation wherein objects are manipulated frame-by-frame by an animator and is akin to the traditional cartoons that were hand-drawn. A different method of animation would require objects to be placed on splines and setting them to trace the route of the curve or it could also involve motion capture data to be imported and its subsequent application to a character rig.


The use of lighting in tandem with textures can add life to a scene if it is applied skillfully. Authenticity of a scene is enhanced in case the focus is on realism.


Ideally, the process of rendering is usually considered as the final step in 3D animation. However, it is not the last if the production pipeline is considered on the whole. Rendering is a key step where graphics are created and exported.

Compositing and Special FX

This step involves bringing the final renders into compositing programs for editing, touch-up and to add special effects. Compositing comprises of everything that is considered as special effects viz., morphing, explosion etc.


This step involves adding music to enhance the overall appeal of the 3D animation.

Editing and Final Output

This step marks the end of the process. It involves compiling the composited renders, music following which it is edited for precision. Following a satisfactory edit, the end product is exported to clients in formats that are most suited to their requirement.

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