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2D and 3D characters with background design, animation, flash video development, VFX, CG, compositing and developing props and assets from scratch

Pep Creations is a versatile animation studio that has emerged as a single source offering multiple solutions for all your animation requirements. We offer end-to-end solutions with regards to producing all tasks related to animation. Our versatility lies in our ability to capture your imagination. Our animations add life to your products with a touch of reality where we effectively utilized 2D and 3D technology. We have vast experience in creating animated TV series that incorporates 2D and 3D animation and flash animations. During the course of the past several years, we have been able to carve a niche for ourselves in the global arena with clients from all over the world engaging us for all their animation related work.

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We are much preferred amongst our clients owing to the high quality products delivered, use of latest technology & consistency in meeting timelines. With the knowledge, our team can able to deliver highly intricate animation with minimal inputs or feedback from our clients. Our objective is to strive for perfection which we always achieve and is clearly reflected from the number of customers that we have satisfied over the years..

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Our Experience


In view of the fact that the industry now lacks classical animators, Pep Creations is proud to state that we have a team of talented professionals who focus exclusively on creating 2D classical animation. Over the years, we have executed several classical 2D animation projects that have been successfully aired on leading TV channels catering to kids.


2D digital animation is an eclectic amalgamation of art and technology. The animation in this case is done in a manual style by leveraging the potential of Wacom / Cintiq which is considered as one of the natural form that outlines creative expression that meets high-end interface design with which the creative workflow is reimagined.

2D digital animation extends a conventional feel while not exactly coming across as a conventional animation. Pep Creations has the experience and has successfully created many TV series and some animated feature films using 2D digital animation.


Pep Creations takes pride in proclaiming that the team of professional flash animators we have are highly talented and equally experienced and have to their credit a string of successful flash animation TV series and flash animation TV commercials while adding more to their repertoire each year.

The team has gradually progressed with experience and is adept at leveraging the potential of flash animation and high-end software which facilitates them to create top quality animation in short spans without compromising on the quality. This aspect is our USP that accords us with an added advantage as compared to other animation studios


One of the most effective and creative software that is available for animation happens to be Harmony. This software is being extensively used by the industry now to create riveting animations. The team at Pep Creations is well-versed with the intricacies and minute features of Harmony software and has hands-on experience in using this software .

With each new project, the team is able to explore and harness newer features of the software to produce impeccable results.


For a very long time now, Pep Creations has been known to produce captivating animated TV series with the use of CGI animation and have to our credit several animated TV series, feature films and TV commercials. As of now, the team of CGI animators are engaged in creating a hybrid animated TV series by using CGI, 2D and clay animation.

TV Commercials

Pep Creations has an entire team that is dedicated exclusively to create compelling TV commercials. We have had the experience of having executed several successful TV commercials including, advertisement campaigns highlighting product features for promotional purposes as well as public and social awareness campaigns that have been aired both locally as well as globally. We are one of the leaders in the TV commercial sectors with a wide and loyal client base.


As compared to the techniques utilized in the past which involved the use of animation and backgrounds to be hand painted, this technique has been largely replaced by software today. The Pep Creations animation studio retains the originality of hand painted animations by effectively using latest software to digitize the Ink and Paint procedure for backgrounds as well as for animation.

The team at Pep Creations responsible for handling digital ink and paint animations and backgrounds makes sure that the quality is maintained at all times with the help of scanning, compositing, painting and rendering of each sequence.

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