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2D & 3D Medical & Scientific Animation

Pepcreations offers cutting edge and visually engaging virtual reality and interactive experiences in medical illustration and animation to the leading healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical devices and biotech industry.

We give clients the power to communicate visually by storifying science/biotech infographics, illustrations, and animations. An in-house team of Pepcreations consists of Ph.D. Scientists, artists, animators and programmers who produce accurate and most impactful imagery, stories and interactive experiences. With the team, we can explain complex mechanisms & treatment in a way it's easy to understand.

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Pepcreations offer Educational Videos, Animated Explainer Video, illustrations, how-does-it works videos, Marketing Video, Simulation & Modeling for Medical devices, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, stem cell research and Science industries.

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Animated Videos for the Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Industry workforce

Training of Healthcare workforce product knowledge, sales & service, regulatory compliance, workplace safety, new hire onboarding, process, EU compliance, industry terminology, acronyms, compliance & security in healthcare environment & many more

The medical device & pharmaceutical industry is a complex domain which experiences frequent fluctuations in innovations or changes to regulations. There is a need to communicate these changes to the employees. Conventional lectures may not be that effective, rather it warrants the need for innovative training materials such as animated videos.

Pep Creations, can help you create animated videos that can enhance the process of training as it

helps healthcare industries to communicate key regulatory changes and train their workforce about the latest treatment protocols, procedures that have to be kept in mind while executing their tasks. We help design & layout training material, helping inductees grasp concepts better at their own pace

The benefit presented by animated videos is that it makes learning a fun activity as compared to the boring ‘lecture’ method. Learning through animated videos can infuse a much-needed enthusiasm amongst the target audience, & adds a degree of interactiveness to the entire procedure

3D Regulatory Medical device Explainer videos – Product Videos

Sales presentation - Highlight product functionalities to endusers (Surgeons, physicians and other healthcare professionals), blended e-learning, scenaio based e-learning modules,

The healthcare domain has been impacted with technological innovations. New devices are being increasingly used to conduct complex surgical procedures & treatments. However, to be accepted, the virtues of the device need to be communicated to the end-users (doctors in this case).

Medical device & Pharma manufacturers can certainly resort to the old fashioned way (pamphlets, brochures) but if a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Demonstrating the product functionalities of medical device through 3D animations sales video is the need of the hour.

Pep Creations offer exceptional 3D animation explainer sale video services to demonstrate the the product functionalities. 3D medical device & drug animation offers a win-win situation for both the device manufacturers as well as the end-users. With the help, manufacturers will be able to convince the busy end-user with clear and succinet information.

3D Animated Sales Explainer Video: Mechanism of Action

Sales presentation - Highlight product functionalities to endusers (Surgeons, physicians and other healthcare professionals), blended e-learning, scenaio based e-learning modules

Developing a new drug is often a cumbersome process, and it requires much research, efforts and time. But the aspect that is even more difficult is to convince the approving authorities about how effective the new drug can be. To convince authorities, pharmaceutical organizations have to regularly meet with the authorities and explain how the drug works and present literature to that effect. Animated videos that outline the mechanism of action (MOA) of a particular drug can go a long way in convincing authorities. Animated videos are very much required for effective communication.

Pep Creations can help pharmaceutical organizations create animated videos outlining mechanism of action or specify how a drug works. Presenting MOA’s through animated videos simplifies the explanation process and drives home the point in an effective manner. The team of experts at Pep Creations is well-versed with the intricacies of MOA and has ample experience in serving the healthcare industry. Pharmaceutical organizations can leverage our skills to create animated videos that convey the MOA in a manner that makes an impact and convinces the authorities

The benefit here is that pharmaceutical organizations will not have to spend too much time in convincing authorities about the MOA or the efficacy of the drug. The lesser time it takes for the drug to be approved, the lesser time it would require to be launched in the market which would spell tremendous benefits for patients too.


Educating patients through simulation and modeling videos, process improvement such as types of patient, schedules of resource, & simulation for treatment, life support,

Simulation and modeling videos are very pertinent to the healthcare domain. With the help of simulation and modeling videos, healthcare providers are able to educate patients about the path of progression of a disease and how it can be threatening. It also allows them to present a clear picture of how a particular line of treatment can help by projecting how the treatment will process and outline its impact. This simulation and modeling in the healthcare sector are very much required.

Pep Creations understands the need for precision and realistic rendition in this area and are able to create simulations and modeling that meet the desired expectations and make the intended impact. Pep Creations has worked closely with the healthcare sector which makes them an expert in this domain. All your simulation and modeling requirements can be easily taken care of by Pep Creations as the team possess technical and functional expertise, problem-solving, decision-making, interpresonal and team based competencies

The benefits of simulation and modeling can be reaped both by healthcare providers as well as patients. Healthcare providers will be in a better position to explain concepts to patients and patients will clearly understand how the procedure works.

Information for Patients: Educational Videos

Educating patients about the prevention, management of treatment, drug interactions, procedures, symptom management and many more..

Patients who have no understanding of medical procedures or the manner in which a device works are always apprehensive about the mode of treatment or a surgical procedure. Verbal instructions by the healthcare provider seldom help to allay their fears. This fact renders it imperative for healthcare providers to explain the functioning of a medical device or how a surgical procedure will be carried out.

Pep Creations help healthcare organizations to create compelling 3D animation videos that have emerged as a simple way through which complex concepts can be communicated to patients. Pep Creations has the knowledge, the expertise and the experience to deliver enrapturing videos which can communicate crucial messages to the patients and enhance their understanding of medical devices and surgical procedures.

3D animation can present multiple advantages to patients as they are able to understand the complex workings of medical devices and it can also help them to allay their fears about a specific medical procedure. A patient’s understanding of the medical procedures is helped tremendously by showing him or her 3D animations about the process. Help reduce readmission rates and increase hospital efficiency with medical animations and illustrations

Marketing – Healthcare, Pharma, Medical Device, Biotech, & Agri

End-to-End Animation Services .

With the rapid influx of healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical organizations, there is a pressing need to dominate the market. Considering the competitive environment, organizations are forever on the lookout for innovative ways to attract more customers through innovative marketing initiatives. Since the market is largely techno-driven, there is a need to adopt latest marketing techniques to penetrate the market and augment sales. To improve the impact of the marketing initiatives, it is only appropriate that organizations leverage the potential of animation and other visual channels.

Pep Creations can create riveting medical animations that educate patients about the complex workings of a medical device or explain medical procedures in detail. Pep Creations are highly experienced in creating medical animation and offer allied services that help organizations to increase their visibility and have the desired impact.

With the help of medical animations, healthcare providers can attract more qualified staff, pharmaceutical organizations can market their products in a more effective manner, and medical device manufacturers will be able to elucidate the functioning of their products in a highly convincing manner to healthcare providers.

Animation for Hospitals, Wellness Centres & Clinics

Process Improvement, training of staff, patient education, HER platforms, HIPAA, SDLC.

In the current competitive environment, hospitals certainly need to stay ahead of the competition by offering the best medical services. Hospitals can only offer the best medical services if they have the best staff on board. With an increase in the number of hospitals, the experienced and knowledgeable staff is attracted to hospitals that market themselves in a better manner. This can certainly be improved by using appropriate medical animations or illustrations that emphasize that the hospital is tech-savvy and is in sync with the times.

Pep Creations can help hospitals to surge ahead of the competition by creating captivating visual content which includes animation videos, illustrations or presentations that the hospital can post on their website or can float it on social media channels to improve their visibility and gain acceptance from the medical fraternity as well as from patients. State of the art techno-driven animation studio at Pep Creations incorporates all the latest software which is leveraged by our team of animators to create the best visual content.

Hospitals and healthcare wellness centres stand to immensely gain by availing our services as not only would they be able to attract the right talent pool but they will also be able to project the right image to patients who can be assured of quality diagnostics and the best treatment procedures.

Interactive Analogies

Interactive analogies are beneficial in the sense that complex topics can be easily accessed.

Competition within therapeutic areas is often highly competitive and being able to highlight your clinical data in a way that is engaging and memorable can make all the difference. To create a difference, there is a need to look at things from a different perspective which would involve the use of interactive analogies.

Pep Creations can help healthcare organizations create interactive analogies that can be utilized by healthcare organizations to communicate fundamental principles or core messages. Pep Creations ensures that we initially explain key concepts in a manner that is not confusing to the end user. Rather the information presents every new detail in a bigger context which remains registered in the mind of the end-user for a long time.

Interactive analogies are beneficial in the sense that complex topics can be easily accessed. It can be further incorporated into the detailed scientific mechanism of action (MOA) animations and can be crucial in transferring knowledge for individuals who have scant or no scientific knowledge whatsoever (including investors, stakeholders). In addition, it presents a story that can be easily remembered by healthcare providers which can be duly communicated to their patients..

Healthcare Animated PowerPoint Presentations (PPT)

Able to present their core objectives to key stakeholders while medical device and Pharma organizations can leverage animated PPT to tap the right audience in a manner that makes a long lasting impact.

Unlike common perception that PowerPoint presentations (PPT) are outdated, it can still be utilized as an effective marketing medium. This is particularly truer in the medical realm. Healthcare providers, device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical organizations need to leverage this simple tool to drive more impact from their marketing initiatives. Especially when the PPT is replete with animated characters, the impact can be enhanced multifold.

Pep Creations understands the intricate requirements of the healthcare domain and extend services in creating animated PPT that can create engagement with the target audience and make a substantial impact on the mind of the intended audience.

Animation experts at Pep Creations are highly qualified, experienced and have a deep understanding of the domain which is an added advantage as the experts are able to understand the objectives behind the marketing initiative and the results that the organization intends to achieve.

Healthcare Animated Infographics

able to attract the attention of target audience, renders ease of understandability while presenting complex information in a much more impactful manner.

The technological innovation that has taken place has rendered it necessary to adopt innovative techniques for marketing products and services on the online platform. Though creating content is easy, the difficult part is to create engagement by ensuring that the content provides ample information in a meaningful manner. This warrants the need for innovative tools for content marketing which would also include the use of animated infographics, especially in the healthcare domain.

Pep Creations, helps the healthcare sector create animated infographics that can be put on their websites or social media sites with a view to inform patients or stakeholders about specific procedures that the healthcare provider is following or convey new information to the intended audience.

Animated infographics created by us adopts an intelligent design as well as graphics to convey intricate information which can be easily comprehended by the target audience

Scientific interactive game

Pharmaceutical & medical device companies stand to gain immensely - to engage with professionals and pique their interest to a particular drug or a device, gain more visibility but they also have the advantage of realizing their marketing objectives.

Scientific interactive games are essential in the current milieu as these games can prove to be an efficient and intriguing method for marketing and creating engagement with medical professionals. Such kind of games can be deployed by pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturing companies to connect with medical professionals and market their products. This medium of marketing is very much in vogue today as a major tool for marketing.

Pep Creations, being a veteran in the healthcare domain are up to date with the latest trends of marketing that is being adopted by healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturing companies. With their in-depth knowledge, Pep Creations are in a position to create scientific interactive games on the basis of the client requirements and by understanding their marketing objectives.

Pep Creations have the knowledge and expertise and are adept at creating scientific interactive games that can give the much-needed impetus to your business. We have successfully provided engaging scientific interactive games that have proved to be a major marketing tool for the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing companies and helped them achieve their marketing objectives.

Blackboard Fast Sketch Animation

Prototype demonstrations, product innovation, 3D animated explainer video for demostration – For layman & investors, easily grasp the message and convince them to make an investment. /p>

In view of the humungous expenses involved in the healthcare sector, healthcare providers are continuously on the lookout for funding sources that can give the much-required impetus to improving their level of care and quality. The objective here is to sell the idea to investors. The conventional method of conversation or discussion may not make much impact as investors may not understand the message that is being communicated. This warrants the need for innovative approaches such as blackboard fast sketch animation to communicate an idea

Pep Creations understands the significance of funding for healthcare providers and are adept and experienced at creating innovative mediums to communicate an idea to investors which include the blackboard fast sketch animation. Our team of experts get into details and understand the target audience and create blackboard fast sketch animations for the intended audience in a manner that not only drives home the point but it also convinces them to invest in a particular project.

The major benefit stand to gain here is obtaining funding. With the help of Pep Creations, providers are able to create blackboard fast sketch animations that not only elucidate how a particular disease impacts the human body but also clearly explains the approach to treatment. The animation follows a step-by-step procedure where every single aspect is clearly defined and explained.

Virtual Reality (VR) without glasses

Prototype demonstrations, product innovation, 3D animated explainer video for demostration . /p>

Innovations in virtual reality technology have now obliterated the need for glasses. Virtual reality can now be used without glasses. Thus, virtual reality without glasses can prove to be the need of the hour where healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies can utilize as a powerful medium for marketing their product or services.

Being a veteran in the medical animation domain, Pep Creations is quite up to date with the latest technologies and offers healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies with an option to market their product and services by helping them to create VR programs that do not require glasses.

We’re quite capable and have the adequate resources and infrastructure to develop interactive 3D worlds where customers, end-users can gain a first-hand experience of the complex medical terms and derive meaning from it.

With the help of VR, healthcare providers can create virtual worlds that convey intricate medical concepts in a fun and interactive manner which can prove to be a very effective medium for marketing for these organizations.