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Gaming & E Learning Animation

Gaming & E Learning Animation

Gamification and E-Learning

The concept of gamification involves applying diverse elements of games, techniques & mechanics in areas that are conventional considered as non-gaming. With the help of digital gamification, now possible to transform the way training being delivered & ensured that users remain engaged & motivated through competitions, point scoring, leaderboard & more.

Gamification facilitates intuitive learning and extends immersive experiences to deliver content. Pep Creations has the expertise to develop gamified e-training modules & non-linear at the same time. Course scenarios are duly interspersed with learning interaction which occurs in attractive settings that are aptly animated by our team of expert professionals. E-learning courses created by Pep Creations facilitate an organization to enhance their potential while driving home the point that learning can be offered through unconventional techniques which make larger impact than conventional techniques.

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Make your e-learning interventions highly engaging and enhance their effectiveness with the help of games, gamification or simulation
to maximize retention, recall and application of the aspects learned.

Flash Games

Develop flash animation games that suit your specific needs while catering to a diverse client base. Engage kids and adults alike.

HTML 5 Games

Create engagement through HTML 5 games, specifically designed for Android phones, Iphone, tablets, PCs and smart TVs.

Quizzes / Assessments

Evaluate learning programmes through interactive and animated quizzes and assessments that make learning fun and enjoyable.

Games Templates

Acquire customized game templates that can be used to develop any type of game. Space based games, sports, action, fantasy..

By leveraging the potential of our bespoke e-learning solutions, organizations can now ensure that learners remain involved and engaged which enables the organization to realize their organizational objectives through the use of customized, dynamic and content that facilitates self-paced learning.

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Our Mission: E-Literacy to E-Learning: Helping you make the quantum leap.Whether you are a Corporate Organization, Academic Institution or an NGO,
we at XLPro have a wide array of e-learning solutions to address your specific needs.

The e-learning programs that we develop are in perfect alignment with the strategic objective of our clients. Our experienced and knowledgeable media developers and instructional designers have the versatility to develop courses in responsive design specifically for facilitating multi-device delivery, bite-size mLearning assets and HTML5 conversions.

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Our offerings

2D/3D Games

We have extensive experience in developing 2D and 3D games while using latest and high-end tools with specific focus on intended mediums which also include; iOS, MacOSX, Android, Windows, consoles and web browsers.

Elearning Solutions

In case you are looking for learning solutions that are innovative and effective, you have reached the right place

An organization, big or small can be transformed with the help of e-learning solutions that comes across as robust delivery method. E-learning solutions present organizations with an impressive range of options right from authoring tools to avatars. These are the principles on which Pep Creations functions and we join hands with you right from project initiation to completion.

Initially, we conduct a background review where the objective is to analyze your technology / business environment as well as understanding the level of learners. Following this process, we get down to the nitty-gritties and focus on creating bespoke e-learning solution. During the analysis we get an idea about level of knowledge required by the learners or the kind of skills that they need to use at work. This enables us to develop solutions that not only fit within your preset training budgets and also conforms to your learning diary.

Game based platform

Pep Creations has vast & diverse experience in creating & deliver holistic courses that leverage gaming platforms & have the capability to incorporate short games integrated to the usual e-learning courses.

Much prominence has been accorded to game based platforms. By designing your game based platforms to match your specific requirements, it is very much possible to enhance the level of engagement of employees, foster motivation and improve overall employee performance..

Pep Creations operates on the strong belief that gamification revolves around utilizing thinking that is based on games, aesthetics & mechanics which can be effectively utilized to inspire and engage the learners through the process of learning

By using games effectively, it is possible to challenge learners to reanalyze their knowledge while facilitating the application of skills in a safe setting & at the same time, presenting them with the requisite level of risk that inspire them to do more than what they think they can do.

The game based e-learning platforms offered is rather distinct and concentrates on catering to your exact requirements. Make your trainings more engaging and result-oriented, get in touch with us NOW!.


In case you are looking for learning solutions that are innovative and effective, you have reached the right place

Pep Creations assists organizations to deploy predictive analytics that facilitates them to develop strategy and decision making procedures with a view to synchronize human resource objectives with organizational objectives

We enable human resource leaders within organizations to evaluate issues of conflict that are intricately linked to the process of human resources and emphasize how predictive analysis can be effectively utilized to address critical challenges in human resources.

Pep Creations applies human capital analytics within organizations with a view to:

  • Choosing and evaluating key factors that indicate the health of the organization
  • Recognizing specific individuals or business units that require attention
  • Identifying and outlining actions that can have the most impact on the bottom line
  • Predicting the level of the workforce
  • Getting insights into the reasons that compel employees to remain loyal or quit the organization
  • Identifying steps that facilitates the work force to adapt to alter the organizational environment
  • Learning Management System

    In case you are looking for learning solutions that are innovative and effective, you have reached the right place

    Pepcreations offer extensive solutions to clients includes upgradation, specialized development and customization. These services are offered to several customers for any kind of open source LMS which could either be Moodle, E-front and more.

    Our expertise would also include

  • Development of plugins
  • Generating reports that are visual and offering customized reporting solutions
  • Upgrading specific aspects in the existing system
  • Adding more features such as; virtual conferencing, webinars
  • Executing learning analytics within the existing platform
  • Courseware Development

    Learning Management System

    Expert courseware developers at Pep Creations can render an exceptional service to education providers which would enable them to transform the conventional courseware development techniques into a practice that is driven by SME or AGILE.

    Our team of e-learning professionals enhances the courseware with content that is rich and interactive, deploy strategies for instruction design and adaptive engines that are in-built which dynamically outlines a path for learning that matches the skill levels of the learners.

    We have vast experience in executing intricate projects with some leading and reputed publishers as well as educators that has helped us to develop a team of e-learning professionals who are knowledgeable and domain experts.

    The team comprises of an assortment of subject matter experts (SMEs), graphic designers, instructional designers and developers who are highly capable of understanding your need for e-learning solutions

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