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Engineering Animation Services

2D & 3D Engineering Visualisation and Technical Animated Video Production

Pep Creations offers cutting edge and visually engaging virtual reality and interactive experiences in engineering and technical animation to leading manufacturers including Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, aerospace, machining & manufacturing, power distribution.

Our expertise lies in our ability to develop computer generated mesmerizing visualization and photo-realistic animation media, animated movies, 3D virtual reality, interactive e-learning & virtual photography. Our team has the capacity & the resources to add life to your project, using rapturing computer generated images, animation & interactivity, an appropriate for any application, occasion or presentation. Pepcreations, reputed for the quality of 3D engineering animation domain & our services been extensively applauded & preferred by our clients for the authenticity it adds and the reliability. We aim at utmost client satisfaction by continuous coordination & interaction with our clients to understand their requirements thereby providing them with what they need.

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Pepcreations Visuals 3D Animation Studio specializes in producing 3D Animation, 3D Design, and Product Visualization for engineering firms, small businesses, startups, inventors, and crowd-funded projects. Give us your ideas, concepts, and even your napkin sketches and we can produce realistic looking 3D renderings, schematic drawings, and commercial quality animations to showcase your concept. We can drive all of your marketing efforts, visualization and animation needs for your project from concept-to-completion.

Our specialization lies in our ability to showcase how things work through our technical animations. Technical animation that we create would largely comprise of demonstration videos that highlight the benefits or features of a product or would involve creating instructional videos that instruct end-users on the steps to be taken for installing and setting up a product.
We dominate this area as our team comprises largely of engineers who are able to grasp technical aspects that are important and is very much essential in the animation.
As a result, we deploy the use of actual physics with a view to create the perfect animated movement and we focus on lighting as well in order to add a realistic touch to the end product.

Technical Animation

As a sector, engineering plays a key role in creating such animations as most of the effects that are incorporated is included by closely observing actual life.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Photography



Industrial Modelling and Animation Services

allow you to evaluate your machinery, help you to sell your products and ideas, facilitate prototyping and training and streamline your operational procedures.

From the time industries have been in existence, industrial models also existed. With the help of engineering models, it is possible to ease the process of planning the task, selling and learning. There has been a paradigm shift in industrial modeling methodologies with the advent of animation.
The industrial modeling and animation services offered by us virtually add life to your process, building, equipment, plant or machinery. With our industrial modeling and animation, you can experience the magnificence of what you create even before they actual take physical shape.

The services offered by us immensely help organizations across the world to create meaningful and efficient models

Infographics Design Services

Our Impactful Infographics - By partnering with us, your organization can leverage our expertise in marketing, a communication that is fast paced, enhanced training and remarkable branding.

Assimilation of information is better facilitated when they are designed and presented tastefully. If you are keen to make an impact on your clients, speedily convey information, facilitate effective training or market remarkably then you could very well benefit from our information design services. The meticulous designs and the manner its portrayed will enthrall and convey your key message in the niftiest manner. The freshness of our designs, exalting content and illustrations that are appropriately structured and interspersed will add a marked distinctness to your information as compared to the rest.

Considering the growing need for presenting information design services that are dynamic, we are in a position to develop infographics that attract your intended audience which tends to forge a long lasting relation with them. The foremost agenda of our team of infographics professional is to keep things as simple as possible while ensuring that the impact factor is not compromised.

Conversion of old CBTs to E-learning Modules

Highly experienced and adept at developing e-learning modules especially for automotive, industrial products, defense and aerospace sectors.

Pep Creations facilitates organizations to convert old CBTs into e-learning courses & programs at par with the current requirements. The cost of the conversion is also low as compared to developing a fresh module for e-learning. Vast experience in these domains, intrinsic knowledge and a team of highly trained experts, are able to put us in a better position to upgrade CBT content while ensuring that the integrity of the existing e-learning content is retained intact to facilitate e-learning conversions that are successful.

We also customize the e-learning content during conversion in the following areas; improving the graphical appearance, visual appearance, remodelling the courseware (from outdated to relevant) or remodelling the storyboard. The instructional effectiveness of the training material is enhanced by applying an array of authoring tools across rich media & platforms

From a wider perspective, our services would also comprise of:
  • Upgrade existing CBT/WBT
  • Instructor Led Training (ILT) to Computer or Web-based Training (CBT/WBT)
  • Update tables, graphs and charts to reflect data (and date) changes
  • Migrating existing courses to a standards-based e-learning platform.
  • Integrate authoring system to make necessary changes
  • Courseware Conversion
  • Accessibility compliant e-learning course development & remediation
  • Add animations, sound and video to enhance the learner's experience
  • Give the course a more contemporary feel to match the current designs seen on the internet.
  • Product tutorials and walkthroughs
  • Product animations and simulations
  • Change the course to match the current corporate look and feel
  • Simple e-learning course modules
  • Creating assessments
  • Development of e-books
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) / Publication – IETP

    Description, Maintenance, and Repair manuals; Ground Support Equipment Manuals ; Servicing Manuals ; Technical Manuals ;Training Manuals ; Equipment Technical Manuals ; System Technical Manuals ; Operators Manuals ; Maintenance Instructions ; Illustrated Parts Details

    With a view to reach a larger base of audience, Pep Creations offers interactive electronic technical manuals from class I to class V with the required interface for extensive quantities of customized technical information. Our versatility lies in our ability to facilitate basic transformations to authoring complex and interactive information architectures at the same time.

    The military, electronic, aerospace and manufacturing industries have been using technical manuals for a long time now with the objective of offering intricate instructions & sharing technical information with individuals who extensively use machinery, software, systems and equipment. IETM products offered by Pep Creations present a largely efficient alternative to conventional paper based manuals as they provide ease of use, digital portability and allow information to be cross referenced. Pep Creations specializes in converting paper and legacy manuals into IETMs that are delivered through online mediums or with the use of CD-ROMs. Wide range of language / tools such as SGML, XML, DTD, XMLS schema, COMMON SOURCE DATA BASE, Binder, Publisher, Viewer. The standard/guidance/specifications include MIL-PRF, MIL-STD, S1000D Functionality Matrix, and offer output in data modules in XML, SGML formats, HTML & PDF, illustrations in ISO, CGM, SVG formats.

    Digital Magazine Service

    Pep Creations can conceptualize, design & creatively develop delightful supportive material that takes the appeal provided by your digital magazine to a whole new level.

    The transition from a paper platform to a digital platform has been quite rapid. In such circumstances, there is no reason why you should lag behind when it comes to digital magazines. You can switch over from paper magazines to digital magazines with due assistance from Pep Creations. The time is just right to take the plunge and avail our digital magazine services which will help you to highlight your creative writing and publishing competency to the whole world.

    The digital magazine services offered by us not only have an enthralling effect but also enhance your visibility. Backed up with extensive experience, our services are at par with international standards & strive to leverage our skills and experience in marketing, technology and multimedia, that has wide reach and makes a profound impact on your target audience. The highly experienced team of multimedia experts and designers at Pep Creations digitally transform your magazine in a manner that improves the acceptance level of readers and also leads to drawing new subscriptions.

    Technical Presentations

    creating industrial animations specifically in construction, design visualization, engineering and safety.

    Audience engagement is better facilitated with the use of animation as a graphical aid that accentuates your presentation. This is also a key factor that improves the product or process understanding of the intended audience. This is particularly true when concepts that are technical in nature are supposed to be presented to audiences who have no technical knowledge at all. In such situations, including an animation within the presentation can be a sure way to convey intricate sequences in space as well as time.

    Pep Creations have tremendous exposure in creating industrial animations specifically in construction, design visualization, engineering and safety. Such industrial animations are extensively utilized for supporting sales presentations, technical or training purposes and these are also used at trade shows.

    Industrial Sales Presentations

    The most satisfying aspect for Pep Creations was when the client admitted that adding animation within their presentation had eased their process relatively.

    Animation is often considered as the most feasible solution when certain aspects within a sales presentation warrant the need for an intricate technical presentation. Recently, we were approached by a client to add an animation within their sales presentation.
    The organization had been using a plain old presentation for some time now and believed that it would be extremely effective if animation was incorporated within the presentation as it would save much time during meetings that was spent explaining what their organization was into.

    Once we added the animation, the organization found that their prospects were able to understand the product & its functionality easily which brings the audience up to speed on what the organization is attempting to sell.
    The organization had been using a plain old presentation for some time now and believed that it would be extremely effective if animation was incorporated within the presentation as it would save much time during meetings that was spent explaining what their organization was into. Once we added the animation, the organization found that their prospects were able to understand the product & its functionality easily which brings the audience up to speed on what the organization is attempting to sell.

    Animation and Interactive Multimedia

    Personal touch for your personal or business introductions, 3D animations & multimedia presentations, and special effects for corproate presetnations

    Pep Creations also specializes in creating animation and interactive multimedia. The idea is to create an animation following which it is possible to run it as an independent sequence. This independent sequence can then be transferred into a 3D multimedia presentation which is interactive

    This facilitates the end-user to traverse their way around the 3D objects while closely interacting with them. In addition, it is also possible to integrate these animations and interactive multimedia on to a website

    Training and safety

    Animation Safety Trainings, Accident nearmiss, SOP, induction videos, Employee orientation programme, HSE training capsule, equipment description of design & engineering process

    Animations are being extensively used for extending industrial training. Pep Creations, team of creative directors and imaginative script writers in the past has successfully utilized animations to elucidate procedures such as nuclear decommissioning and sequences that outline building refurbishment, HSE training, and many more.

    Pepcreations has experience in handling all engineering process includes production, mechanical, electrical, civil, flow chart and diagram, safety policies, safety induction, and strive to create memorable character & edutainment that appeal to audiences of all ages.

    Animated TradeShow Presentations

    Tradestand Animation

    In the recent past the services of Pep Creations was engaged to create films spanning 5 to 10 minutes which was intended to be run as a continuous loop during a trade show. These films basically comprised of a collection of still pictures, animations that integrated music as well as text to be presented as a part of a display at a trade show. The idea was to draw the attention of customers while describing the products and services offered by the client in details.

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