How Can an Explainer Video Increase Sales and Conversions

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Internet has become a major factor in the life of the common man in the modern age. There is no wonder businesses are necessitated to focus their marketing campaigns through the Internet. Among the numerous tools employed in Internet marketing for increasing sales and conversion rates, explainer videos play a vital role.

Why Explainer Video Production is Effective

Making use of Short videos of typically 60 to 90 seconds to educate the viewers concisely and quickly about your products and services is the modern way of promoting sales and conversion. Known as explainer videos, these are an engaging way to share information of products.

When educating prospects about new products and services, video is considered be the most effective tool because of the following reasons:

  • The likelihood of people watching a video is 4 times more than that of reading text
  • Almost 95% of the message is retained by viewers when watched in video compared with 10% when read the same in text
  • Probability of viewers buying a product after they watch a video about it is 64 % to 85%
  • Search engine results prove that websites having video content lead to people spending double the amount of time on them as they are considered relevant and valuable.

“The nice thing about animation is that you can realize your inventions without understanding all the hard theory.” –  Nick Park

Crucial Role of Explainer Videos

Human brain is found to have been wired for stories that hold attention for long. Such stories, when presented in video format, evoke emotion and enable people to picture themselves as one of the characters in the story, thus influencing them considerably.

Explainer video production companies are capable of stuffing as much relevant information as possible into your video. Explainer video production is all about focusing on what is essential. Crucial details that need to be furnished are as follows:

  • How your product works or what it does – the features
  • How it can make the viewer’s life better – desires fulfilled, problems solved – the benefits
  • What viewers have to do next – the call to action

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.” – Norman McLaren

Explainer Video Production – the Secret Weapon for Conversion Success

Unknown to several people, this modern conversion tactic has been gaining momentum in the recent times. Explainer video production companies ensure that the content of these videos are not crammed with too much data, while effectively telling your company’s story to the intended audience.

These short videos can be hand-drawn, digital drawings, or claymation. Whatever is the way of presenting, they help businesses to clearly convey their value proposition. By adding explainer videos to websites, organizations the world over are able to increase conversion rates by more than 20%.


Videos created by explainer video production professionals offer multiple advantages for different types of businesses while all of them facilitate two vital things, namely, increasing conversions and sales.

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