Pep creations Help Startups to Better Explain Themselves through Explainer Videos

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Pep creations Help Startups to Better Explain Themselves through Explainer Videos

Gaining popularity in the recent past, animated explainer videos are considered one of the crucial marketing tools for startups. Small businesses and startups find this to be an effective way of wisely capitalizing their budgets to promote their products and services. Here’s where the assistance of a reliable Explainer Video Production Company is felt.

A Great Idea to Promote Your Startup – Explainer Videos

  • Videos created by a professional explainer video production company is the fastest and easiest way of explaining your business ideas
  • Startups can increase their conversions and sales using explainer videos
  • Explainer videos have been chosen by marketers across the globe as they provide the best Return on Investment
  • By attracting more visitors, explainer videos not only increase  time spent by viewers but also boost your SEO efforts
  • Explainer video production offers the additional benefit of placing a call-to-action that ensures that your viewers actually take action

“I’ve always loved animation and animated films” – Michael Sheen.

Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos to Small Businesses and Startups

  • Explainer videos are easy to understand
  • Increased viewer engagement
  • Offer better presentation than text content
  • Increased web traffic
  • Helps increase interest level of viewers about your product
  • Videos can be shared
  • Explainer video is an elevator pitch that introduces your startup

“A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words” – Dr. James McQuivey.

Role of Pep Creations in Helping Startup Explain Themselves

Entrepreneurs venturing into novel projects can get the most out of explainer videos by partnering with Pep Creations. We ensure that your business is promoted systematically and it gains more exposure through our efficient explainer video production. The following are a few advantages of the professional explainer video production services offered by us:

  • It is possible to convey your business in just seconds
    • You can tell your intended audience about yourself – what you do, who you are, and why you are the best choice – all in just around 90 seconds
  • Verbal as well as Visual Learning
    • Animated videos created by explainer video production companies such as Pep Creations involve audio and video, thus they are more engaging and have strong effect on human brain;  they provide education
  • Building Trust and Brand Awareness
    • Our animated explainer videos help you to describe your brand’s personality, culture, and aesthetics – enabling you to build your brand
  • Increase Online Visibility
    • Animated marketing video helps gain increased exposure for startups
  • Mobile-friendly Strategy
    • Quite a lot of startups are offering mobile apps – app may be their product or they may develop one for complementing their strategy – in such cases, video can work wonders; videos help websites as well, to be mobile-friendly


Hiring Pep Creations as your explainer video production company will ensure that your startup obtains the right kind of exposure and visibility to achieve brand building and increased web traffic that lead to improved sales!

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