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Architecture and Industrial Animation

Home owners, architects and property developers have been engaging our services for the past several years. The support services offered to developers & architects facilitate them to look beyond the minute aspects of presenting their projects to investors & property buyers in turn allows to expand their business in a planned & phased manner.

The technical experts at Pep Creations are highly knowledgeable with standards that currently exist in the industry thereby enabling them to handle presentation tasks without being worried about software procurement, hiring, staffing and workplace addition. Apart, also provide a complete platform to architects and professionals from the real estate domain that enables them to allocate their documentation related tasks while focusing mainly on customer requirements and design.

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Pep Creation emerges as the leader offering 3D walkthrough animation services as compared to its competitors owing to the meticulous services that they provide in the domain of 3D animation, 3D architectural visualization, 3D walkthrough animations and architectural 3D rendering animation. The 3D walkthrough animation services that we extend add a photo realistic dimension to your projects. Our state of the art lab comprises of all the latest software and tools that enable us to convert your computer aided drawings into impressive 3D models virtually.

Our Experience

3D walkthrough animations an integral part of architectural services - communicating ideas & conveying concepts,

impeccable 3D walkthrough animation services.

As compared to the past, techno-based innovations have now swept through the realm of architecture wherein newer technology is allowing architectural firms to enhance their designs. In the present day, 3D architectural walkthrough animations have emerged as a central aspect within all architectural projects.

With the help of 3D architectural animations services, architectural firms and consultants are in a better position to convey project ideas and concepts.

The use of 3D walkthrough animations help architectural firms to present visualizations of how the project will look like post completion even before initiating the process of construction.

3D walkthrough animations help the customer to get an idea about how their property would look like and examine aspects that are not visible or accessible when the project is completed.

Pep Creations presents the real estate sector with an excellent tool of walkthrough animations which can be effectively leveraged for better prospects and to communicate ideas convincingly. With the help of Pep Creations, clients will be able to save much time and effort as clients will get a first-hand projection of how the project may look like upon completion.

By engaging the 3D walkthrough animation services of Pep Creations, you can be assured that you get the best 3D walkthrough animation and architectural 3D visualization. With our services, you can rest assured that we will take care of all your 3D residential, industrial, modelling, and hospitality and also the 3D design animation that succeeds it. There is no scope of disappointment whatsoever.


Invention and discovery form the crux on which architecture is based. Both these elements are necessary for a creative process to occur where each aspect is defined through a specific program, place and time.


Interior design is based on efficient, intelligent and appealing solutions which correspond to the objectives of diverse organizations having operational techniques that encourage collaboration and communication.


Projects are executed on behalf of property owners as well as our clients wherein we play a crucial role in helping them visualize and understand concepts during each phase of the project.


The increasing level to which computer aided design is being used facilitates the easy integration of all aspects. With the help of computer aided design, we not just provide visualizations but these visualizations are intrinsically linked to situations in real-life and real-life settings.

Illustration and 3D Visualisation Services

At Pep creations we offer our clients with extensive support right from providing concepts to offering complete visualization of your projects. Understanding the significance of highlighting the project to investors, stakeholders and customers, our professionals develop aesthetic visuals that offer you with a platform through which you can convincingly convey ideas.

  • Concept imagery and visualisation
  • Photorealistic Rendered Illustrations
  • 3D Shaded elevations
  • 3D Interior Layout Presentation
  • Lighting and Material Visualisation for Interiors
  • Animated Walkthrough Presentations
  • Theme based art and consultancy services

    Adding an artwork within an interior completes the interior and brings about a sense of satisfaction. The use of artwork within an interior can also be very inspiring to the end-user

    At Pep Creations, we extend comprehensive services which also include providing art consultancy services to art lovers, architects and interior designers. This allows them to enhance the value of their interiors.

    Pep Creations offers exemplary consultancy services that facilitate to choose the right art piece for your interiors which match the overall theme of the interior or the property on the whole.

    Apart, also extend services that revolve around creating concepts, custom designs as well as sourcing services where we help clients to source artwork from artists. We also have a team of in-house artists who can cater to each of your requirement including procuring artworks and suggesting the optimal lighting to highlight the artwork within the interior.

    Popular Art Types for Interiors

  • Contemporary Wall Paintings
  • Murals and Graphic Artwork
  • Sculptures and Figurines
  • Metal Craft
  • Pottery
  • Antiques and relics
  • Crystals and Glassware
  • Advantages

  • Visual previews for Art Concepts
  • Fast and easy mobilisation
  • Access to multiple art forms
  • Database of Popular and Local Artists
  • Liaisoning with Artists
  • Facade Consultation Services

    Façade consultation services have been extended by Pep Creations for a long time now to the real estate industry and architectural firms. During our long stint in this domain, offering façade consultancy services, we have successfully enabled several real estate firms within India and abroad to enhance their projects.


  • Boutique Elevations for your projects
  • Rich detailing
  • Fabrication instructions on request

    3D walkthrough animations and 3D flythroughs. Our services are architectural animated walkthrough, 2D and 3D interactive animations, 3D models and animations to add life to still images.

    Harnessing the potential of modern technology can enable you to completely understand the minute aspects of your dream construction projects much earlier than the completion. In fact, the project can be visualized even before the construction has commenced. Pep Creations offers architectural animation services wherein our specialty lies in 3D walkthrough animations and 3D flythrough.

    Following the completion of the 3D model, Pep Creations creates 3D still or animated walkthroughs based on the feedback received from clients and from the local environment.

    Pep Creations have the requisite experience and leverage latest technology to create 3D walkthrough animations and have executed for residential as well as commercial properties to both interiors and exteriors.

    The 3D walkthrough animations & virtual tour services, offered by leveraging the latest technology within architectural visualization comprised of photorealistic vegetation, shadows and lighting and animated characters. We work in close association with our clients to identify the right CAD solutions that perfectly blends with the requirements, vision and budgets of our clients.

    Our Animation Process

    See how we use animation to make the complex look easy

    Concepts and Storyboards

    This is the first and foremost step in the 3D animation process. In this step, ideas are conceptualized and storyboards are created with the objective to convert the ideas into visuals.p

    3D Modeling and Texturing

    3D Modeling
    Once the concepts and storyboards are done and following approval from the client, the next step is to develop characters, props and environment. This step is known as 3D modeling wherein a simple shape is taken and molded into a finished 3D mesh.

    Following the creation of a 3D model, textures, colours and designs are overlaid using 2D images. This is the process through which colour is added to a model and it is created through the use of programs such as Photoshop. Sometimes, 3D animators are known to use real pictures to render the textures that they are attempting to create.

    Rigging and Skinning

    Prior to commencing the process of animating the character, the step that precedes it would involve enabling the character to walk and talk. This particular step is referred to as rigging and skinning and forms the crux on the basis of which characters are made to move and thus adding life to it.

    Animation, Lighting and Rendering

    The process that adds movement to a 3D object is what defines this step. Different types of animation are available which would include; key-frame animation wherein objects are manipulated frame-by-frame by an animator and is akin to the traditional cartoons that were hand-drawn. A different method of animation would require objects to be placed on splines and setting them to trace the route of the curve or it could also involve motion capture data to be imported and its subsequent application to a character rig.

    The use of lighting in tandem with textures can add life to a scene if it is applied skillfully. Authenticity of a scene is enhanced in case the focus is on realism.

    Ideally, the process of rendering is usually considered as the final step in 3D animation. However, it is not the last if the production pipeline is considered on the whole. Rendering is a key step where graphics are created and exported.

    Compositing and Special FX, Music and Editing and Final Output

    Compositing and Special FX
    This step involves bringing the final renders into compositing programs for editing, touch-up and to add special effects. Compositing comprises of everything that is considered as special effects viz., morphing, explosion etc.

    This step involves adding music to enhance the overall appeal of the 3D animation.

    Editing and Final Output
    This step marks the end of the process. It involves compiling the composited renders, music following which it is edited for precision. Following a satisfactory edit, the end product is exported to clients in formats that are most suited to their requirement.

    Our Architectural 3D Animation Services

  • Architectural 3D Animation
  • Architectural 3D Rendering
  • 3d Architectural Visualization
  • 3d Architectural Walkthrough
  • 3D Industrial Design, Modeling and Animation
  • 3D Residential Design, Modeling and Animation
  • 3D Institutional Design, Modeling and Animation
  • 3D Hospitality Design, Modeling and Animation
  • parallax background

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